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All our deliveries, services and offers are exclusively governed by these General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter “GTC”), unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. We oppose all general or specific conditions contrary to or derogating from these conditions.

The term “consumer” used in these GCS refers to a natural person placing an order which does not fall within his commercial or liberal professional activity. A “professional” within the meaning of these GCS is a natural or legal person who, when placing an order, acts within the framework and on behalf of his liberal or commercial professional activity. The term “customer” can designate both a consumer and a professional. The term “seller” within the meaning of these GCS refers to ManziniLBlue.

Article 1 – Identification of the seller
1.1. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are those of the company ManziniLBlue whose registered office is located at Ch. de Boisy 29a, 1004, Lausanne.
1.2. The website and the sales system on this site is operated by ManziniLBlue, which can be reached by email at

Article 2 – Scope and Acceptance of the GCS
2.1. These general conditions of sale govern any purchase of valuable goods made on the online sales site, ManziniLBlue reserves the right to modify its general conditions of sale at any time . The applicable general conditions of sale are those in force on the date of the order placed by the customer. The possible nullity of a contractual clause does not entail the nullity of the other GCS which will remain applicable. These general conditions of sale can be consulted at any time on the page
2.2. The offers for sale made on this site are intended solely for adults (over the age of 18). The customer declares to be of legal age, to have the legal capacity to contract with ManziniLBlue, to have read these GCS before placing an order and to have accepted them without reservation when he ticks the box “I have read and I accept the general conditions” then activates the button through which he places his order. It is better to make sure that the client declares to be of legal age, even if he is not, especially in the event of a dispute.
2.3. ManziniLBlue products are exclusively intended for sale to end customers who are natural or legal persons, excluding any resellers or intermediaries acting on behalf of resellers. Therefore, the customer affirms that he acts as an end consumer and that he does not intend to resell the products of ManziniLBlue for commercial purposes. Can be allowed depending on your preference.

Article 3 – General Conditions of Use
3.1. ManziniLBlue can in no way be held responsible for the costs generated by access to its website, whether direct or indirect. ManziniLBlue can not be held responsible for an Internet connection problem, lack of network, non-receipt of newsletter, deletion of an account, maintenance or any other restriction access to its site without limitation of cause.
3.2. To order an item on the site, you must accept the T&Cs here present. Registration on the site is optional. It allows access to the customer’s account and to be able to follow his valuable goods that he has previously ordered. The customer undertakes to provide exact and complete information concerning his marital status and his contact details, in particular his email address. The username and password allowing access to the customer account are confidential and must not be disclosed to third parties.
3.3. ManziniLBlue can not be held responsible for the non-receipt of an article or information if the customer has made a voluntary error or not in the filling of his personal data.
3.4. The registration of the site is free and the customer can terminate it at any time. It is possible to delete the customer account by contacting the seller by email at Any deletion of the account, for whatever reason, results in the pure and simple deletion of all personal information of the customer.
3.5. Any event due to a case of force majeure resulting in a malfunction of the site or server and subject to any interruption or modification in the event of maintenance, does not engage the responsibility of the seller. The customer agrees to refrain from any disturbance of the website and any use, going beyond a simple online consultation, of the data appearing on this site. Any illicit manipulation with a view to obtaining undue payments or other advantages to the detriment of the seller or to that of other members of the site, leads in particular to the loss of the right of access to the customer account and possible legal proceedings.
3.6. Once the account has been created, the customer enters a password which should be kept secret and not disclosed. If the customer thinks that someone is using his account without his knowledge, he should contact ManziniLBlue customer service by email at without delay, who can reset the password and take any action it deems appropriate.
3.7. Each customer’s email must be valid and accessible to them. Under no circumstances can ManziniLBlue be held responsible for the temporary or permanent inability of the customer to access his email. The dates of receipt of emails are authentic and ManziniLBlue encourages its customers to consult them regularly.
3.8. Under no circumstances can ManziniLBlue be held responsible for the fraudulent use of the customer’s account if the latter has directly or indirectly, voluntarily or involuntarily informed a third party of his password.
3.9. The customer, a single person who uses several accounts or one or more fictitious account(s) or the third party account, may be deleted from the ManziniLBlue customer base at any time without notice.
3.10. The customer undertakes not to communicate on ManziniLBlue in a harmful way with messages on forums, social networks or “chains of email” without having notified ManziniLBlue previously and without having first obtained a right of written reply. Failing this, the customer may be held liable for contractual or tortious fault and may be prosecuted before the Courts.

Article 4 – Order
4.1. The customer orders the items offered on the site and according to the following procedure:
The customer creates, if he wishes, a user account on the site by informing in particular, with accuracy, his name, his telephone, postal address and his email. He can also do it at the time of the order.
The customer takes note of the services offered, accompanied by their description, as well as the GCS on the site
The customer chooses the item and clicks on “Add to cart”. He then validates his basket and proceeds to fill in all the fields necessary for the validation of the order, namely country of dispatch, title, first name, surname, telephone and delivery address. By placing an order, the customer confirms that they have read and accepted these T&Cs by ticking the box provided for this purpose.
The customer pays for the item via a secure and encrypted interface. He can make his payment by: Bank card / Twint. The price is payable in cash, in full on the day of the order.
Once the order has been validated, the customer receives in principle, as mentioned in the conditions of article 4 of the GCS, the purchase confirmation on his e-mail and online on his customer account.
The customer then waits for the receipt of his package.
No data relating to the means of payment of the customer is collected by the site. Payment is made directly into the hands of the bank or payment provider receiving payment from the customer. Purchase orders and invoices will be archived on a reliable and durable medium constituting a faithful copy. The computerized registers will be considered by the parties as proof of communications, orders, payment and transactions between the parties.
4.2. Orders made on the website constitute a firm and definitive commitment by the customer, when the customer has confirmed and accepted these GCS and recorded his payment by clicking once on the “Order” button. The contract is considered valid and accepted when said orders are confirmed by ManziniLBlue by email. The acceptance of ManziniLBlue is expressed by a confirmation email and/or by the registration of the purchase on the customer’s user account within 48 hours of the order by the customer.
4.3. Subject to the applicable rules on distance selling, any request for modification of the order by the customer must be sent to ManziniLBlue by post or e-mail and is subject to the acceptance of ManziniLBlue, ManziniLBlue reserving the right to refuse such a modification, without having to justify its decision.
4.4. ManziniLBlue reserves the right to refuse any order as soon as it deems the order fraudulent.
4.5. ManziniLBlue reserves the right to make, at any time without notification or notice, any modification or deletion of the information contained in the description of the article, prior to any order by the customer.

Article 5 – Price
5.1. The prices of the products and/or services are indicated in Swiss Francs (CHF), all taxes included (VAT + other taxes and in particular eco-participation, etc.) excluding participation in processing costs. ment and shipping.
5.2. ManziniLBlue reserves the right to modify its prices at any time and to pass on, if applicable, any change in the rate of VAT in force on the price of the products or services offered on the site. However, the products will be invoiced on the basis of the rates in force at the time of the order validation.
5.3. The description of the article offered by the site specifies the elements included in the price, specified under the term “description” and “additional information” on the site.

Article 6 – Delivery and Transfer of ownership
6.1. Acceptance of the order by the seller automatically entails the transfer of ownership of the products ordered.
6.2. Delivery is made to the address indicated by the customer when validating his order. The delivery time indicated when registering the order is given for information only and is not guaranteed. Consequently, any reasonable delay in the delivery of the products cannot give rise to the benefit of the customer to the allocation of damages or the cancellation of the order.
6.3. In any case, ManziniLBlue can be held responsible for the non-delivery of the article to the customer, if this is due to the communication of information deemed insufficient or erroneous by the customer. Similarly, if the customer is absent during delivery and does not claim the package in time from the post office or the relay point concerned. Any product ManziniLBlue receives outside of a valid reason for return may be claimed for 30 days, after which no refunds will be accepted. If a delivery is rescheduled, shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer. More/less restrictive conditions in this case can be applied.
6.4. When the article is ordered, ManziniLBlue communicates in principle to the customer by email and on his account a confirmation of purchase of the article as soon as possible and a progression of the state of the order. This email is sent by ManziniLBlue within 48 hours of order confirmation.
6.5. In the event that the website is malfunctioning or is in a state of maintenance, ManziniLBlue reserves all rights not to make access to the order status available. Such unavailability in no way engages the responsibility of ManziniLBlue which reserves the right to suspend access to its site or part of it at any time without announcement. Of course, we try to limit such unavailability as much as possible.
6.6. Customers shipping outside of Switzerland may be subject to taxes and customs fees which are not the responsibility of ManziniLBlue. These costs are the responsibility of the customer.
6.7. It is up to the customer to check the conformity of the products at the time of receipt and to indicate, if possible on the delivery note, in the form of handwritten reservations accompanied by your signature, any anomalies observed (open package, damaged product, etc.) .

Article 7 – Right of withdrawal – Not mandatory in Switzerland (but is in the EU)
7.1. An order is deemed final once the customer has clicked on “confirm order”. In accordance with the legal provisions in force, the customer has a period of 14 days from receipt of the order to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to justify himself. Contracts for the delivery of products that have been made to customer specifications or clearly personalized are not applicable to this right of withdrawal.
7.2. The customer can exercise his right of withdrawal via the contact form made available to him on the website. He must communicate his name, first name, order number, the articles concerned and his method of reimbursement. Without this information, no return can be initiated. ManziniLBlue will confirm the return by email to the customer, indicating the delivery address and sending him the return label that he must place inside the package before shipping. Without this label, the package may not be identifiable. The customer must not ship the package before having notified the seller, or before having received the confirmation by email.
7.3. Returns must be made in their original condition and complete, allowing them to be resold in new condition. Handling the products must be limited to a simple consultation. The products must be with their label, returned in their original packaging, and accompanied by all the accessories provided. In case of depreciation of the product resulting from manipulations other than those to establish the nature, characteristics and proper functioning of the product, the responsibility of the customer may be engaged. ManziniLBlue can then deduct un amount up to the full value of the item, depending on the devaluation that the treatment of the product will have generated.
7.4. In the event of exercise of the right of withdrawal within the period referred to above, only the price of the product(s) purchased will be refunded. However, if all the products in an order are returned, the one-way delivery costs will also be reimbursed. A refund may not exceed whatever happens the amount paid by the customer when ordering. It is understood that the customer will bear the costs of returning the product in the event of withdrawal, as well as the cost of returning the product if the latter, due to its nature, cannot normally be returned by post.
7.5. The customer has 14 days from receipt of the confirmation email from ManziniLBlue to return his items. It is advisable to opt for a delivery method with tracking. Without a tracking number, it will be impossible to launch an investigation with the postal services to locate the package if it does not reach the address provided. Thus, ManziniLBlue reserves the right to refuse any refund.
7.6. In the event of exercise of the right of withdrawal, ManziniLBlue will reimburse the sums paid at the latest within 14 days from the date on which it is informed of the customer’s decision to withdraw. This reimbursement date may change until receipt of the product. The customer has the option of being reimbursed with the same means of payment he used when ordering, or with a credit note of the same amount that can be used on all references on the website for 1 year.
7.7. The customer may be held liable in the event of non-compliance with the contractual return obligations mentioned above. If ManziniLBlue has not been notified of the return, has not sent a confirmation email, does not receive the package and does not have a tracking number, cannot identify the package or receives a non-compliant product within the meaning of article 7.3 of the GCS, the customer may lose his right of withdrawal and no refund will be accepted. However, he has the possibility for 30 days, from the date of receipt of his package, to have it reshipped at his expense.

Article 8 – Warranties
8.1. In the event of non-compliance of the goods observed upon receipt thereof, the customer benefits from the legal guarantees provided for by the legislation in force and must then contact the seller as soon as possible.
8.2. ManziniLBlue reserves the right to refuse the repair or reimbursement of a product whose wear results from normal use for a reasonable period of time in view of the price of the product concerned.
8.3. ManziniLBlue authorizes customers to cancel their orders as long as the seller has not started production, processing or shipping.

Article 9 – Visuals, illustrations and photos
9.1. While every effort is made to ensure that the color and pattern of the products whose photos, visuals or illustrations are displayed on the website are faithful to the original products, variations may occur, in particular due to technical limitations in color rendering. on the customer’s computer equipment. Therefore, ManziniLBlue cannot be held responsible for errors or non-substantial inaccuracies in the photographs or graphic representations of the products appearing on its website.

Article 10 – Limitation of liability and Major Forces
10.1. Under no circumstances can ManziniLBlue be held liable for any damage that does not result from a breach by ManziniLBlue of one of its obligations.
10.2. The risks (in particular of loss, theft or deterioration) concerning the products delivered from the moment they are sent to the address indicated when ordering are not borne by ManziniLBlue or by its partners. .
10.3. The responsibility of ManziniLBlue can not be implemented if the non-execution or the delay in the execution of one of its obligations described in the present general conditions of sale results from a case of force majeure. As such, force majeure means any external, unforeseeable and irresistible event within the meaning of Articles 107 to 109 of the Swiss Code of Obligations.

Article 11 – Applicable law, Disputes, Complaint handling, Mediation
11.1. These General Conditions of Sale are governed by Swiss law. Any dispute relating to the order or these General Conditions of Sale or its interpretation or its consequences will be submitted to the competent court. The contract is written in the French and English language and must only be interpreted in those languages and not in a translation which may not transcribe it faithfully.
11.2. For any complaints, customer service can be reached by email at
11.3. In the event of difficulty arising during the coorder or delivery of the items sold on the site, the customer will first contact the ManziniLBlue to seek an amicable solution. The customer has the option of using the conventional mediation procedure or any other alternative method of dispute resolution.
11.4. In the event of a dispute, in accordance with Regulation No. 44/2001 of December 22, 2000, the customer may seize either the court of the place where he is domiciled, or the Swiss courts. The ManziniLBlue may seize the court of the place where the customer is domiciled. European law, Switzerland does not have legislation on electronic commerce.

Article 12 – Intellectual property
12.1. All visuals, texts, scripts and sounds found on the ManziniLBlue site are protected by copyright which belongs either to ManziniLBlue, or to its partners and no customer, visitor or any other third party may not, without prior request and favorable written response by the publication director, use these visual elements. Any reproduction without authorization will be subject to criminal prosecution. Only links from the ManziniLBlue site are publishable as far as the URL appears.

Article 13 – Termination clause
13.1. The resolution of the order will be pronounced by simple email, after the sending of a formal notice remained unsuccessful within seven (7) working days from its sending by ManziniLBlue, and will be acquired automatically without legal formality in the event that the customer fails to fulfill a contractual obligation. Allows unilateral termination of the contract (therefore the order / delivery / return / refund) in the event of the customer’s failure to fulfill his obligations.

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