Animation Lottie

About Me

My work, my background, my vision

My background

Born in Switzerland from different cultural backround, my art work is around cultural identity and the need to see myself and others with various perspectives. Painting helps me to regulate and understand my emotions. I consider myself as a seeker, a person who tries to grab an understanding of something in a world that is always moving, going faster and going through a main step AI (artificial intelligence).

I am an acrylic painter and I like to work with different materials. I like making installations and being part of a project. I am interested in geometrical patterns and appreciate doing repetitive art work.

The way I see the fish

The tail of the fish is a triangle, the body of the fish has a leaf shape. If you put a circle in the leaf shape you get an eye. I see different forms in the fish. I always have different ways to look at something. I see various element and make connection with others.


Self-taught artist, I started to work with materials at the age of 4 years old and followed a musical education. I’ve studied one year art history and archeology at Sorbonne, Paris. I left after one year to study art and cultural mediation in Paris. Today I am finishing my studies in Switzerland to become an art therapist.

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